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Lawrence Tumminia excited about bands new direction

Lead vocalist Lawrence Tumminia is happy to announce the addition of Vinny Guadagno and Mike Kennedy to Scar Tissue.

Running through the set at rehearsal in Ronkonkoma

After some recent personnel changes, Larry has called upon two old friends in Vinny Guadagno and Mike Kennedy to join Scar Tissue. It's been nearly a decade since the three of them last played together.

“It feels good to reunite with both Vinny and Mike. They were essential components to our band back in the mid 2000's. They are the perfect addition to Scar Tissue and I am very excited to be playing with them again.”

No Time Lost Between These Guys

The guys rehearsed for the first time last weekend after nearly ten years and by the sound of it, you would have thought otherwise. Vinny brings such a force to the table behind the drums and knows the chili peppers material very well. He currently is playing with a few other local bands but hopes to make Scar Tissue a permanent residence.

As for Mike, a lot has changed for him since he last played. He now has a family and 4 kids so music has taken a slight backseat in his life. Mike brings such a passion and commitment to the band on bass that goes unmatched. This very well could be a much needed lift for the band, having both Mike and Vinny back to join Larry and Jason on guitar.

**be sure to check out Scar Tissue this Saturday July 20th @ Revolutions


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