Based out of Long Island, NY, Scar Tissue was formed in 2018 by vocalist Larry Tumminia. This was sort of a revamping of his prior RHCP tribute band Warped which was active between the years 2002 & 2009. Warped enjoyed much success during their run and had some impressive gigs which included: Hard Rock Cafe in San Juan, Princeton University, Trump Marina in Atlantic City, The Lions Den in NYC and various other gigs throughout the college circuit. Vinny Guadagno (drums) and Mike Kennedy (bass) were part of the Warped lineup and have rejoined Larry in Scar Tissue. Jason Perrillo (guitar) has made a name for himself locally and has played with various bands including a chili peppers tribute band of his own and a newly formed Pink Floyd tribute band. 


Scar Tissue has worked extremely hard to bring it's audience an authentic live RHCP performance from the intro jams to the high flying energy and stage presence of the actual band. With a song list that spans the entire Chili Peppers catalog, you'll never see the same show twice! Stay tuned for a show near you, you don't wanna miss it!